About Us


Promarc was created by professionals with more than twenty years of experience in this field. This is what makes Promarc unique in the market when it comes to banking and commercial automation as well as safety using always the most advanced existing technology, many times introducing new technologies.

We provide our clients with the high quality and technology items and solutions, please see our product page. LED Panels from 4 to 75 inches LED, OLED, TFT from the best manufacturers and distributors around the world, Biometric Readers, QR and Bar code Scanners, Card Readers, Passive and Active Components, Flash Memories, Sensors (Door, Glass Break, Seismic, Level, Presence), Printers, Keyboards (numeric, cryptographed, computer, gaming), Wear Resistant Plates (For Safety Boxes), Touch Screens (with and without Kastus anti germs and bacteria coating), Glass Screen Protectors with Kastus Anti Germs and Bacteria coating and much more.

We are here to solve problems and provide the best service possible to our clients. If you are interested in banking and commercial automation and safety we are the right people for the Job.